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eBidRx creates innovative, web-based software tools and solutions for healthcare companies to increase efficiency and reduce costs so they can better serve their patients. Our patented, easy to use eBidRx Portal is an advanced workflow application that simplifies the process of bidding and contracting for goods and services, manages and audits contracts, aggregates data, and generates sophisticated analytics and reporting.

Since 1992, eBidRx has combined technology with industry experience to develop products that streamline the complicated contracting process of the healthcare supply chain and collect data companies can use to make better business decisions and improve their bottom line.

What the eBidRx Portal Can Do For You

The eBidRx Portal has four powerful tools to give your company the visibility and control it needs to create, negotiate, manage, and audit contracts, as well as collect and analyze data on contracts, sales, and RFPs so you can monitor performance, improve operations, save time and money, and make more informed decisions:

With the eBidRx Portal, there’s no software to install, and you can access it from any computer with an internet connection and web browser. Our tools are simple to use, and our state-of-the-art security protects your data and ensures confidentiality.

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