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AUDITtrax is a workflow tool that enables you to confirm the correct contract price was paid on purchases made through a wholesaler. AUDITtrax verifies all authorized parties to a contract share accurate information regarding factors such as base pricing, tier pricing, letters of commitment, customer eligibility, contract numbers, and effective contract dates. When this information is inconsistent, errors can quickly multiply, resulting in financial losses from inaccurate pricing, rebates, and chargebacks. AUDITtrax improves supply chain effectiveness and heightens business performance through enhanced communication and control of mission-critical processes.

AUDITtrax Key Benefits Include

  • All audits are in one place
  • Generate reports on the value of one or more audits
  • Automated audits can be set up
  • Effectively reduce claims reprocessing and adjustments
  • Minimal training

Contract pricing accuracy depends upon the ability of all parties involved to communicate internally and externally. As long as multiple parties are involved and there are contract modifications and variances, member movement, employee turnover, and communication challenges, there will be contract pricing discrepancies. Based on the high volume of transactions completed on a yearly basis, pricing errors will continue to have a negative financial effect on pharmaceutical purchasers as well as all parties involved in correcting the errors. AUDITtrax provides organizations the ability to minimize the compounding effect of a pricing error and reclaim lost dollars attributable to it.

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