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CONtrax is an online Contract Management workflow tool with a well-designed, simple to use, and intuitive interface. Ready access to all information concerning contracts (current, pending and expired) is gained with just a few mouse clicks from anywhere in the system. Having so much information readily available empowers your organization to save time and money by enabling informed decision making, improved data integrity, increased transparency, and reduced errors. Effective Contract Management improves profitability, supports compliance, and mitigates risk.

CONtrax Key Benefits Include

  • A fully searchable First DataBank product file, updated weekly, allowing to quickly adjust to price impacts due to WAC changes
  • Create custom catalogs using MetaCat®, our exclusive, standards-driven product and formulary management tool
  • Members information can be managed online, linked to group eligibility, incentive program enrollment and qualification
  • Purchase data analysis exposes contract inefficiencies and ensures compliance
  • Spot pricing trends and adjust order levels to best take advantage of incentives and market fluctuations*
  • Review contract items along with their therapeutic equivalents, generic equivalents and price history

*Requires TRENDtrax subscription

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