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The eBidRx Portal is most advanced workflow tool available for today's contracting organizations. Our Portal helps contracting organizations to maximize efficiency while decreasing operational cost. This is accomplished through our patented process that centralizes and automates relationships amoung RFPs, contracts, member notifications, product catalogs, analytics, and auditing.

What the eBidRx Portal Will Do For You

  • Reduce Training Time For New Employees
  • Unify Data From Disparate Systems
  • Provide Meaningful Reporting
  • Improve Your Data Integrity
  • Eliminate Installation and Upgrade Issues
  • Improve Security of Data
  • Automate Your Data Relations

Workflow Management

Contracting requires input from many departments and concerns and as such is well-suited for standardization management. By automating these processes that are typically paper based, prone to data entry errors, and often delayed, our patented tool to empower your organization with high throughput, standardizing the repetitive and often tedious processes that have a profound effect on every aspect of your business. Our Business Rules have been refined from fifteen years as an industry leader, and are enforced at each step in the process to ensure data is correctly entered. Enjoy new levels of confidence in your data integrity and productivity while streamlining operations by taking advantage of our standardized data representation, business rules, and progress reports.

Data Consolidation

Individually, each type of data (Contract, Sales, RFP) holds value that can be utilized to bring down costs. By aggregating this data, however, relationships you didn’t know existed become transparent and the opportunity for bringing down cost is multiplied. Aggregation helps companies to piece disparate data together , uncovering meaning that may be leveraged as an indispensible tool for your company’s reporting and analysis.

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